What a day…

So my day started by getting to work and attempting to run on my laptop and it would not turn on. Period…zip…zilch..nada..

I checked the blogs online to find out that my MacBook Pro had lived a good life and was done.  It is a good thing that I have a Time Machine backup unit which backs my laptop up every hours or else I would have been in serious trouble.  Anyway..ordered a new unit today and now have checked online and it will not get here until Tuesday or Wednesday next week.

This leaves me with my Netbook which is nice but to do everything I do on a daily basis having a 15″ diplay and a 22″ display is nice and this netbook is only 10″ and cannot hook up to the 22″ right now. 

Luckily I use Delicious.com on all my machines to bookmark my stuff.  That makes it nice to go from computer to computer without trouble.  But…I just read that Yahoo is going to shut that service down..so now I need to look for something new..

Funny typo of the day…”I need new whipers on the car”