What is needed to be “Connected”??

I have started development of a new presentation to discuss with people what it means to be “connected” in today’s society.  Some of the things that come to mind are the use of a smartphone, netbook, laptop, and ipad…but I think it needs to be more about the web tools the person uses rather than the technology hardware used.  So, what about Social Bookmarking (Delicious.com, Diigo.com, etc..), Skype, Google Voice, EverNote, Google Docs, Twitter, Google Reader, etc…

What type of “techno stuff” do you use to stay “connected” in today’s society?  Why?


News..How does Phil keep up?

I am a fan of using Google Reader.  To setup an account go to google.com/reader.  You will need a username and password for Google.  If you have a Gmail account then you can use that.  Once you are in to the reader you have the ability to add subscriptions.  I have several different ones like the Kane Chronicle, Beacon News, Daily Herald, CNN, etc…it is a great way to stay up with what is going on.  For more information do a google search on RSS feeds…or if you are interested in setting one up give it a try and I will look in to posting some of my feed links on here..