What is needed to be “Connected”??

I have started development of a new presentation to discuss with people what it means to be “connected” in today’s society.  Some of the things that come to mind are the use of a smartphone, netbook, laptop, and ipad…but I think it needs to be more about the web tools the person uses rather than the technology hardware used.  So, what about Social Bookmarking (Delicious.com, Diigo.com, etc..), Skype, Google Voice, EverNote, Google Docs, Twitter, Google Reader, etc…

What type of “techno stuff” do you use to stay “connected” in today’s society?  Why?


Features – Chrome OS

Google is coming out with their own OS and are piloting it by giving Notebooks to people.  It is an interesting notebook..no hard drive.  It is not necessary to have that because this unit is “always on” the web…

I believe that this will change how we do business and education.  Internet access will become standard and everybody will be “on the web” at all times.

Read more about it below…I might apply for the pilot program.

Google Chrome OS.