Rain, Rain, Go Away….

So it has been a very crazy weekend with a lot of rain around here…Eleanor’s Dad is in the hospital and is now on kidney dialysis..hopefully getting out of the hospital tomorrow and then dialysis three times a week for 4 hours…

Eric and I are getting prepared for the Operation Snowball Spring Event occurring March 20-22.  I handle a lot of the technical support with another volunteer and Eric is a participant.  I encourage anyone who can support Operation Snowball to do so…I am working on a way to get donations online.

Eleanor’s health is well.  She has been to a couple of doctor’s appointments recently and reports are good.  She continues to have joint pain from the lupus in her legs, but hopefully as some of the medications are reduced that will simmer down.

Need to keep on thinking Spring…boating season is coming…golf season is coming…Sunshine and warm temperatures are coming!!

Hope everyone is doing well…