Skiing over Holiday… again has been awhile since posting…sorry…

We had a great holiday season.  Over New Year’s we took a trip to Hayward for Eric’s birthday to go skiing and snowboarding.  What a great time.  Stayed at my sister’s cabin which was also great because it was a nice place to return to at night to sleep and warmup..
This weekend is another holiday weekend and it warmed up nice enough to bring Eric and two of his friends snowboarding at Cascade Mountain near the Dell’s.  Only a 2 hour drive from home.  Up and back in the same day…Eleanor and I are not skiing today.  We actually got a perfect window seat with power for my computer and free wireless, so she is reading and I am catching up on stuff…
Eric has Monday off and then finals on Tuesday before the new semester starts.  I really need to spend time with him and driving.  He has his permit but we have not been out practicing enough…it is a goal for the upcoming weeks.
Eleanor’s health is doing awesome.  We have been back to the doctors and they keep on adjusting the medicine to help her feel better and better each day.  She is working full time again and we are getting back on track…It is hard to believe how a heath issue like hers throws everything a new direction.  Everyday we thank God for all the healing provided and for a great new year in 2009.
I will attempt to at least post once a week with what is going on.