ATT is a Frustrating Company

Since Friday night we have been changing the IP address range of systems at work.  Everything has been very smooth except for the email systems which we have like 10 domains running and you have to make sure you have all these various DNS entries made for reverse lookups, etc…

Well we made an error and began realizing it yesterday and related to that we have been Blacklisted by ATT because the reverse was not setup correctly.  So instead of sending an email to the postmaster of the domain telling you that you are going to be blacklisted they just go ahead and do it.

Now..the only way to get off the list is to fill out a form online and submit it online and wait 24-48 for a response to see if they will take you off the list.  In the meantime people who have email addresses ending in att, sbcglobal, yahoo, and ameritech will not receive any email.

Of course one good thing…GMAIL from Google is working beautifully…yet another reason to move away from ATT….