DropBox and iChromy

Today I installed iChromy and Dropbox for the iPAD.  I am very impressed by both of these apps and how they could be beneficial to the use of the iPAD.  iChromy replaces Safari as the web browser an allows tabs for surfing which makes it really nice.  As I find other options I will post up here but this is the most significant.

Dropbox is really cool.  I have installed it on my Mac and iPad and it allows for sharing of files between the two systems and if I need to download it from the Internet I can as well.  For 2GB of information it is free.  It would be considered a “cloud” service for users.  I am highly concerned with the security of the information and files since they are not encrypted.  With that said, I will use this product for some synchronization as long as it is not confidential.

You should give these a try… definitely a thumbs up from me…


What in the world is Tumblr?

As I continue to read various articles and most recently saw the statistic that Tumblr is getting more popular I decided to delve in to it a bit to see what it is and how could it be used…either personally or in education…well…let me have some time with it before I can tell you more..

I have been a user of Facebook, WordPress, and Twitter on a regular basis and from what I can tell Tumblr falls in the middle.  Tumblr is a blog similar to Facebook or even closer to WordPress which I use for this blog.  It seems as if the posting of a “photo blog” would be a lot easier with Tumblr and maybe comments.

I have noticed that there are several business which are joining and having a Tumblr presence which I find interesting as well.

I do like that Tumblr can cross post and pull from Twitter and FaceBook so you do have some ability to manage those accounts at the same time.

Once article you may wish to take a look at is:  http://technorati.com/blogging/article/could-tumblr-rise-above-facebook-and/

When it comes to education I believe the security would need to be looked at a little further.  Even Facebook is having a difficult time entering the education world.

Also, when looking at Quantcast (http://www.quantcast.com/tumblr.com) demographics it shows that most the user base is between 18 and 34 which is similar to Facebook (http://www.quantcast.com/facebook.com).

I believe a lot of this is due to the social networking aspect and most people over 34 have not grown up in the digital age and have adapted to it.

Well…wich me luck…I think I may try to do a “Photo Blog” using Tumblr…not sure about cross posting but I may give that a try…

Somehow I think this research project may go the same way Farmville did within Facebook…Deleted..


I have been attempting to use Twitter a lot more lately and throughout the day to really learn in depth some of its purpose and how I can use it both at work and personally.  I currently have about 80 followers within Twitter and I am following about 180 people.  I am allowing this to grow slowly but I have hopes of becoming much larger in the “twittersphere”….

As I work with this technology I have found that the use of TweetDeck is most supportive especially with its ability to work on the Mac, iPad, and iPhone.  As I work with graduate students and others in the education field I am continually saying they should have a Twitter account and follow at least 50 people to get started to begin to see benefit.  Most people I talk with say…I have a Twitter but don’t use it….I ask how many are they following and they say like 5 or 10…not going to get much there…

I also ask WHO are they following..they need to follow people that are leaders in education and are continually using Twitter to communicate.  This Professional Network (many other terms apply here) is a way to have continual learning and ability to ask questions of others and get responses from around the World…literally…Now…I have not had much with that but I have had a few comments back on tweets from outside the US…which is pretty neat!

ATT is a Frustrating Company

Since Friday night we have been changing the IP address range of systems at work.  Everything has been very smooth except for the email systems which we have like 10 domains running and you have to make sure you have all these various DNS entries made for reverse lookups, etc…

Well we made an error and began realizing it yesterday and related to that we have been Blacklisted by ATT because the reverse was not setup correctly.  So instead of sending an email to the postmaster of the domain telling you that you are going to be blacklisted they just go ahead and do it.

Now..the only way to get off the list is to fill out a form online and submit it online and wait 24-48 for a response to see if they will take you off the list.  In the meantime people who have email addresses ending in att, sbcglobal, yahoo, and ameritech will not receive any email.

Of course one good thing…GMAIL from Google is working beautifully…yet another reason to move away from ATT….

Couldn’t Empty Trash on My Mac

So I could not empty the trash on my Mac…kept on receiving an error…here is the solution I used.  Again, be careful since you are using the Terminal utility found in the Utilities Folder.  If you do not understand this then do not try it…

Once in Terminal type (in bold):

cd .Trash/ <- changes directly to Trash

ls <– Lists all the files in the Trash so you can verify you are in the right spot

rm -rf * <– Removes the files

When done you can close the Terminal Window and when you go in to the Trash it is gone…


Evernote Totally Redesigns Its iPhone App

I am a huge fan of Evernote.  If you have not taken a look at this product you should.  I have it loaded on all my devices (IPad, Netbook, MacBook, and Blackberry).  It is my main note taking software as well as the product I use to take screen shots on a regular basis.

Unlike Google Docs, all the information contained within Evernote is synchronized locally on each device so you always have a copy of what you need.

Evernote Totally Redesigns Its iPhone App.

Cyberbullying: Just a little information…

After recent discussions with some kids I wanted to share a little from their perspective….

Students are always being talked to about Cyberybullying and what they should do about it.  The problem is many students don’t believe what the administrators or others are saying to them because they don’t believe they have the background and knowledge of what is “really happening” and what “really” should be done.  All district have Bullying policies and they vary in what the consequences may be.  Just a few comments about how you may wish to handle this when speaking with students..

1.  Make sure to understand the sites you discuss when talking with them.  If you don’t have the background on the sites then don’t use them as references.  For instance…It’s not really easy to bully on Tumblr…you can but it isn’t that common.  A lot bullying occurs on Formspring because it can be done anonymously.  Formspring can be used to either boost your confidence but mostly it is used to bully and cut people down.  Kids believe they can’t be caught when using this site.  Formspring uses a question box and allows people to respond.  So people anonymously put in the question box something like “Your a bad person”…

2.  Make sure if you discuss consequences that you can give real examples of those so students can relate directly.

3.  Sometimes the best person to come in and talk with the students is from the outside.  They may respect that person more for what information they are providing.

4.  Know that MySpace isn’t as popular as it once was..Facebook is popular but is not the only place bullying happens.

Hopefully students feel comfortable telling an adult about their own situations of being bullied and ask for help.  It is also my hope that students feel comfortable telling adults if they know someone who is being bullied.  Many kids want to help their friends but feel that they may be bullied if they tell..