DropBox and iChromy

Today I installed iChromy and Dropbox for the iPAD.  I am very impressed by both of these apps and how they could be beneficial to the use of the iPAD.  iChromy replaces Safari as the web browser an allows tabs for surfing which makes it really nice.  As I find other options I will post up here but this is the most significant.

Dropbox is really cool.  I have installed it on my Mac and iPad and it allows for sharing of files between the two systems and if I need to download it from the Internet I can as well.  For 2GB of information it is free.  It would be considered a “cloud” service for users.  I am highly concerned with the security of the information and files since they are not encrypted.  With that said, I will use this product for some synchronization as long as it is not confidential.

You should give these a try… definitely a thumbs up from me…


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