What in the world is Tumblr?

As I continue to read various articles and most recently saw the statistic that Tumblr is getting more popular I decided to delve in to it a bit to see what it is and how could it be used…either personally or in education…well…let me have some time with it before I can tell you more..

I have been a user of Facebook, WordPress, and Twitter on a regular basis and from what I can tell Tumblr falls in the middle.  Tumblr is a blog similar to Facebook or even closer to WordPress which I use for this blog.  It seems as if the posting of a “photo blog” would be a lot easier with Tumblr and maybe comments.

I have noticed that there are several business which are joining and having a Tumblr presence which I find interesting as well.

I do like that Tumblr can cross post and pull from Twitter and FaceBook so you do have some ability to manage those accounts at the same time.

Once article you may wish to take a look at is:  http://technorati.com/blogging/article/could-tumblr-rise-above-facebook-and/

When it comes to education I believe the security would need to be looked at a little further.  Even Facebook is having a difficult time entering the education world.

Also, when looking at Quantcast (http://www.quantcast.com/tumblr.com) demographics it shows that most the user base is between 18 and 34 which is similar to Facebook (http://www.quantcast.com/facebook.com).

I believe a lot of this is due to the social networking aspect and most people over 34 have not grown up in the digital age and have adapted to it.

Well…wich me luck…I think I may try to do a “Photo Blog” using Tumblr…not sure about cross posting but I may give that a try…

Somehow I think this research project may go the same way Farmville did within Facebook…Deleted..


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