I have been attempting to use Twitter a lot more lately and throughout the day to really learn in depth some of its purpose and how I can use it both at work and personally.  I currently have about 80 followers within Twitter and I am following about 180 people.  I am allowing this to grow slowly but I have hopes of becoming much larger in the “twittersphere”….

As I work with this technology I have found that the use of TweetDeck is most supportive especially with its ability to work on the Mac, iPad, and iPhone.  As I work with graduate students and others in the education field I am continually saying they should have a Twitter account and follow at least 50 people to get started to begin to see benefit.  Most people I talk with say…I have a Twitter but don’t use it….I ask how many are they following and they say like 5 or 10…not going to get much there…

I also ask WHO are they following..they need to follow people that are leaders in education and are continually using Twitter to communicate.  This Professional Network (many other terms apply here) is a way to have continual learning and ability to ask questions of others and get responses from around the World…literally…Now…I have not had much with that but I have had a few comments back on tweets from outside the US…which is pretty neat!


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