Haven't really talked much about Skype and how nice it is to have.  You may know that Skype is a "phone service" you can now run from your cell phone or computer.  Skype to Skype call are FREE.  If you have a webcam on your computer then you can have a live video chat with another Skype user.  I do this all the time with people I know.  In fact, you can have up to 24 others on the line in a conference call setup as well.  The limitation on conference calling is it is not video.  You can share your screen for others as well so I have actually helped some people fix some problems just by having them share their screen to me in Skype.  Not that it is the best choice but it is nice.

I have had Skype calls while people were on their laptop in a hotel on wireless, in a home in Florida, just about anywhere.  The latest is I have installed Skype on my Blackberry and people can now "Skype Me" on my cell phone which is pretty cool as well…

Anyway…if you haven't tried Skype you should!!  And Skype address is morris_phil


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