New Laptop

Mom Morris is now the proud owner of a new laptop!  She finally decided that the desktop unit she bought in 1996 was a bit slow.  We did upgrade her to High Speed DSL and wireless but it still was very slow and she did not believe a new laptop would be better.  I took mine there and showed it and she made the decision.  I purchased the ASUS K50 at Best Buy.  Good deal.  I have had good luck with other ASUS products so I am confident this will be good for her as well.

I will not waste my time or your time telling you about the purchase process at Best Buy, but I would not recommend anyone purchasing something there without some who knows what is going on.  If I was just "Joe Customer" they would have probably added on about $250 worth of "stuff" to the laptop.

Soon Mom Morris will have a laptop with email she can easily read and respond to.  I am also going to try and set her up with some other cool stuff…

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