I like the iPAD

Posting is always one of the tough things to do.  Of course as I am teaching I say it is good to set an expectation for posting and I have a hard time myself.  Anyway…I am working on several cool things with technology.  First of all is the iPAD that I have to see how I can work smarter not harder.  I do enjoy using it, however it has taken some time to get it setup to do all the different actions I need it to do.

As I have downloaded a book to it and started reading I have found that my arm gets tired holding it.  Which may or may not happen to everyone but it does.  That is about the only con I have found.  I do like the email, web surfing, the apps and how they work, and the touchscreen is impressive.

Eric did get his license…I am very proud of him for that…

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