What a great week

This last week was a little crazy.  I had to attend a Tech Conference on Thursday and present on Internet Safety on Friday.  Friday also was our countywide institute day for teachers which I have the responsibility of coordinating the registrations, etc…I had a great birthday week.  Tuesday night Eleanor, Eric, Miranda, and I had Portillo's chocolate cake!!  That stuff is just incredible..  Friday night we went to Benihanna and had a great meal.  

During my presentation on Friday in front of 90 teachers I used Skype to call Eric and have him be part of the presentation.  He was awesome!  In fact I think it freaked out some of the attendees.  They even asked questions of Eric and how he uses Technology.  He answered all questions and spoke great.   I am so proud.  

March 19 is the semi-annual Operation Snowball event which Eric and I attend.  I help take care of technology needs of the weekend.  I fully enjoy working with Operation Snowball kids…they are really good kids making really smart choices in life.  I hope to continue to volunteer for years to come.

Eleanor is doing well.  During the winter her toes act up with vasculitis and can be very painful at time.  We are hoping for Spring to come soon.  She also gets some headaches.  She had a MRI a few weeks ago and everything came back stable, which is such great news.  

Eleanor is such a wonderful wife.  Even though she has been sick and has Lupus she keeps on going, taking care of things, and dealing with issues as they come.

Techyboyz.com is now real…Eric is working on two different websites and managing them.

Just a few notes of the past week.  This week is now catch up at the office…

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