Where does time go?  It seems as if I just posted on this blog and it has been almost a week..

Time flies by so fast.  El and I have been working on cleaning up our home office.  A massive undertaking.  It just seems as if time has gone by since we moved in to our home and we just kept on putting stuff in the office and never took anything out.  Just recently we purchased a Fellowes DS-3 medium duty shredder and I am going to town on the shredding.  It is amazing how much mail, documents, etc you receive with personal information on it.  It is no wonder we have identity theft issues in this country.  I have literally filled bags of shredded paper this last week.  

If you are not shredding your documents, you should!  I continue to see many situations of identity theft and one of the main sources of it is from your own mail and garbage.  People believe that it is from the Internet..but really it is not.  Most of it is secure if you keep your computer up-to-date on a regular basis with Virus Protection and Spyware Protection.  I recommend AVG anti-virus for home users…it is FREE…

It is so nice sitting at the desk in the office writing this note…Music streaming over the Internet, relaxing, just finding that Time to take care of things.  I have a presentation on Internet Safety tomorrow night and wanted to make sure all was ready tonight.  Again, it only takes a little bit of Time to get it done.

It is snowing outside after a major melt down here and getting cold again.  Hoping to be able to hit the ski slopes again soon.  Eric is an AWESOME snowboarder.  I have to try and get some photos of him.  It is so nice to get outside and ski during the winter..refreshing…away from technology..and great family time..

Now to go enjoy some time with my family..


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