Presentation Tonight

Tonight I am presenting on Internet Safety for Parents in Carpentersville.  These types of presentations are always fun because usually there is one parent there with "purpose" because of an ongoing problem they are having with the Internet.  Tonight's topics include text messaging, social networking, online photos, webcam services (i.e. Skype), Blogging, and of course a bunch of tips for parents.

I usually give this presentation about 6 times per year throughout Kane County as well as sometimes outside of Kane.  I have to thank Eric for helping keep me up with what kids today are using for various services as us parents become "smarter" about the services.  I think the one thing that I always tell parents is to trust your kids and the services they are using but know what those services are.  For instance, your children will have a Facebook or a MySpace account.  If you decide not to allow them to have it they will create one anyway and you won't know it.  I would rather know they have it and check it on occasion than not knowing about it at all.  I know this could be a bit controversial about how to handle the situation but I am all about trust.  However, you lose my trust and that is it…

Anyway..everyone have a good relaxing time tonight.  I will be presenting from 6-8 pm and then heading home.  Of course I will miss my new show "Human Target" on Fox tonight at 8 after American Idol, but a presentation like this is important.

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