Meetings need to be Remote

Well..after spending 7 hours of driving in my truck the last two days for meetings I just need to reinforce the ongoing need for people to use remote services and the Internet to communicate.  I personally use Skype to communicate with many people.  Skype is FREE to talk to another person who has Skype anywhere on the Internet.  You also can do a conference call with up to 25 people it just will not show the video of all the people on the call.  If you ever want to Skype me I can be reached at morris_phil.  

There are several other services for meetings which you may have heard of…GoToMeeting is one of the more popular but there is an ongoing cost.  For work I use LiveMeeting from Microsoft because the cost to Education is much cheaper than GoToMeeting.  Another service I have used which is for more of a Webinar type meeting is Yugma.  It is very low cost or Free depending on what you would like to do.

Please try these services for meetings or remote communication so people do not need to travel so much.  Let's welcome people to the virtual world…

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