Weekend Reflections

The weekend was spent taking it a bit easy because of my nose.  Friday night we had dinner at Ginos East in St. Charles.  The Ginos in St. Charles is nothing like the one in Chicago..pizza tastes about the same but no graffiti on the walls and the service was very slow.  There are many other choices for pizza.  Saturday Eleanor spent cleaning and putting away Christmas decorations and Eric and I were able to get the Christmas tree on to the curb.  Saturday afternoon was all about Football.  Eleanor's parents, brother, and us watched both games and relaxed.  Sunday was a few more errands, grocery shopping, and more Football.  I made a pot of chili and relaxed.

My nose is still swollen.  I am down to having a bandaid over all the stitches.  I have to be careful bending over not to cause pressure because it will bleed a bit.  I am hopeful that when I get the stitches out this Friday that all will be in better shape. We are looking at getting a new big screen TV to replace the 55" tv in our family room because it no longer allows us to watch dvd's or play Wii..so the upgrade to a new 55" will have to include a Blue Ray DVD player.

I was in Joliet today and have to go to Peoria tomorrow for meetings.  Long days but able to get home each night to be with the family is most important.  I hope all is well with everyone and your week goes well.  Try to stay positive in all you do and you will be happy!

Positively speaking…Phil

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