Well today's surgery was a bit painful.  They initially numb the area and the doctor does some work and they take it to the lab to make sure they got all of it.  Well they didn't the first time, nor the second time, but the third time they did.  Because of all the work they needed to do a bit of minor plastic surgery to create a flap of skin from my nose and cheek to cover the spot they did the work.  This left the whole side of my face including my eye, lips, nose, and teeth numb most of the afternoon.  To say the least…I did not go back to work today and I fell asleep on the couch.

Eleanor's dad and Eric were able to clear our driveway and sidewalk for me since I can't. 

I have attached a photo but not sure if it will work with this new posting service I use…otherwise I may just post to Facebook directly.

Thank you to all for your thoughts today…

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