Bit of Snow

Well here it is…Thursday morning and it is snowing.  I am riding the Metra"the way to really fly" in to Chicago to have the procedure done to remove the bit of cancer on my nose.  Train riding is always fun.  Watching people and watching all the snow come down and cars trying to get through it.
I think the most interesting piece on a train is the zero level of talk amongst people.  All are drinking coffee, reading a book, listening to an iPod, reading the newspaper, etc. but there is no conversation.   It is very similar to being on an elevator and no one talks..only looks.  As I sit here on my laptop working online and listening to an iPOd myself I get looks as well from others.  They must be jealous,envious, or who knows…maybe annoyed.
Anyway, be safe today among your travels.  I will be getting to Chicago soon to attempt to get over by Northwestern on Michigan Ave. to have this done.  By the way, I have already had this done once and it is no big deal.  Just a bit of pain overnight and an embarrassing patch on my face for a week.
For now…it is what it is…

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