Techie Item of the Day

So…needed to replace the OfficeJet printer/copier/fax at the house which was purchased in 2001 and the wireless printer which stopped working and was originally purchased in 2003.

Did a bit of research and it was between the HP and Canon..after a bit of research and pricing I chose the Canon MX860 because of price, quality of printing, and replacement cartridge cost. It is also neat because it allows you to put your memory cards in to it directly and print photos on regular paper or photo paper…pretty easy.

It is a color printer, copier, scanner, and fax all in one and wireless. So..we have placed it in our nook area which is very convenient when we are all working on our computers.

If you are looking in to printer…I would definitely look in to this one. Currently it is on sale at Best Buy for $149.00..replacement cartridges are like $15…oh..forgot to mention..all features work either from a windows pc or macintosh!!

Good day from Geneva…


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