Columbus Day…

Yesterday was nice and relaxing. I had to deal with a kink in my neck all day and it still exists this morning…anybody have any ideas on how to get rid of it?

Today we need to take Mom to Northwestern to have a polyp looked at inside her nose near the brain. We pray that it is not cancerous.

Eleanor’s dad is switching on dialysis to a machine in our home and is having a bit of trouble getting it going at night. This new machine runs all night and allows him freedom all day to do what he needs to.

Need to start thinking about putting the boat to hibernation. Thought we might get out of it this last weekend but now it looks like it might be in the mid 60’s next weekend so we might get out one more time.

Eleanor is doing very well. I know I haven’t mentioned her health in a while but that is because it is great! We have been to return visits to beth the neurologist and other doctors and all is good. Keep the prayers…


One response to “Columbus Day…

  1. How to get rid of the pain (kink) in your neck? You have given me way too many punch lines that include our family. But, like our family, you just need to tough through it!

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