Operation Snowball and Kidney Dialysis….

So I haven’t posted in over a week…what is up with that!!!

Last weekend Eric and I went on the Operation Snowball weekend event which is awesome!  I actually body surfed over 160 high school kids..I think Operation Snowball is a great program and I continue to volunteer my time to handle all the technical needs of the group.  If you would like to know more information about Operation Snwoball visit their website at http://www.gfrvos.org.

During the weekend I get hardly any sleep and it takes until about Wednesday to get back to normal.

On Tuesday, Eleanor’s uncle passed away and we will be attending the wake and funeral this evening and tomorrow.

Eleanor’s dad is doing well on kidney dialysis…just has to watch the diet.

Eleanor and I also went to the eye doctor this week.and her eyes are much better than mine.  She can pick out some new glasses to pretty much read with. I on the other hand get to get back because there was so much of a difference between before dilation and after in my prescription that they want to check again in another week…

Rarely do I post a photo, but this is a good occasion!!


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