Martin Luther King Day

What a nice day off…Eleanor and I slept in and have been taking care of stuff around the house.  I shoveled yet again and put some salt down and put some items up in the attic.  I think we finally have all the Christmas stuff put away.

Looking forward to watching some of the inauguration tomorrow.  We have been watching CNN to keep up with activities in Washington.   I also just made some brownies to munch on during the week as well.
Later on today I will be helping Eleanor create a Facebook for herself.  I have been attempting to also keep up with my Facebook site as well.  All these different technologies and I am looking for ways to connect them all…Facebook has some applications as part of it to help organize it.
Work is going well…very busy….but all good.  In the process of converting our office over to Blackberries from regular cell phones.  They are really nice except getting everything configures to work with your Exchange Server and the Blackberry Server is challenging…

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