Well it has been a very up and down weekend.  On Friday the internal medicine doctors said that Eleanor would probably go home on Saturday and just take the oral medications and be good….Well…the neurologists thought different and said they want her to stay at NW until at least this Friday so they can give the medication via IV…Eleanor is all good with that and so am I.  She is up and about walking now and feeling better…

The doctors also said it would be good so that the Infectious Disease doctors could check her out this week and make any suggestions they may have.  Also, we would get results to some tests that take like a week to get returns.
It is a good feeling to at least have the diagnosis of the Viral Meningitis, Vasculitis, and her blood clotting level is a bit high so they are making adjustments to that as well.  
They will not be doing another Cytoxin infusion in October because of the shingles, meningitis, etc…the Rhuemotologists will need to look at things differently..
That is where we stand today…the roller coaster ride continues….
Again, thank to the phone calls and prayers from everyone!!

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