Monday, Sept 29 AM

Just a quick little update…I decided to stay here at NW last night so I could hear what all the doctors have to say this morning because they all tend to come in the morning…the first couple were here and this is a bit of a summary..

The strokes don’t cause the headache which she still continues to have.  They have a huge list of items which the Neurologist group and the Rheumotologist group have put together to begin digging deeper.  Included in todays tests is an ecocardiogram.  They are looking what caused the strokes and think maybe a blood clot or something from the heart so that is the purpose of the ecocardiogram.
At this point they say it still could be the vasculitis but they really are looking to rule that out.  She did have vasculitis but that doesn’t always cause the mini-strokes… looks like a bunch of tests and more information gathering.  They have several people reviewing all the different tests performed at Delnor and comparing with here.

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