Sept.28 – Sunday AM Update

Well it is about 9 am on Sunday and I am cruising in on the train…hopefully I don’t get screwed up on buses, trollies, or whatever ode I take over to the hospital.  Hector and Elia came in last night for a while after Eleanor returned from the MRI, and then graciously drove me home last night.  I was home by about midnight…

I talked to El this morning and there has already been one doctor in and she discussed some med changes and said we would find out more from the MRI later today.  I think they are also planning on a couple more tests, however, they are still seeing the vasculitis.  From what I understand it does take a bit of time to fully calm down.
They did confirm yesterday that she did have 3 mini-strokes over the last few weeks.  I can only speculate, but I believe they occurred when she had the massive headaches and her blood pressure when through the ceiling.
I figure today may be a day of change with maybe a couple of more tests, etc…
David and El’s mom are planning on coming in later today and Eric is also going to be coming in…
I don’t plan on staying as late today because Eric will need to be up for school in the morning and we have to do a bit of laundry so him and I have clothes for the week…
I have listened to my IPOD more in the last couple of days than I have since I got it…I think today I am going to download Grey’s Anatomy season premiere to my IPOD and leave it for Eleanor to watch…Also, you can now rent movies from ITunes and watch them on your computer or on your video IPOD so I may see what they have to offer.

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