Saturday, Sept. 27th

So far today has had lots of laughs with my travel here…more in a bit..

Anyway, Eleanor is comfortable.  Several teams of doctors have come in to see here throughout the day.  Currently they are still keeping her on the same meds she was on at Delnor.  They will be doing a MRI tonight yet to get their own read…and then they have talked about an MRA and some other type of CT scan.  They have drawn blood 3 different times today and most recently it was to see if she had any bacteria in her blood…
I think coming here is a good decision.  They want to figure out what is causing the headaches, strokes, and pain…
The philosophy here is that it is a teaching school and thus they have a lot of doctors, fellowes, interns, etc. involved in the research and care of people.
Anyway…now for the fun story…I went to the LaFox train station today at 12:20 to take the 12:30 train to Chicago..all good, except the train ran 25 minutes late arriving in Chicago.  I then tried to figure out how to take a bus her to Northwestern.  These nice people said don’t take the bus you can take a free trolley ride and then be right there..I thought cool that will work..NOT…they put me on the wrong trolley…I ended up on a sight seeing tour of Chicago including Millenium park, Grant Park, Soldier Field, the Aquarium, and the Field Museum…at this point I decided to get off the bus and took a cab to the hospital.  All money thought to be saved was spent on the cab ride…oh well..just try to be the “city” dweller…NOT…
Now I think I got it figured out…the nurses here were able to give me the tricks of getting to the train station quickly and cheaply….
So..all good here in Chicago..Eleanor is tired of being in the hospital but knows we need to get to the bottom of this problem…
She sends her thanks for all the prayers..
Also, thanks to Mom Morris for the glasses and binder for Eleanor..she loves them!!
Tomorrow morning I am going to attempt to come in on the early train and get here so I can see and talk to doctors because I think there will be some activity tomorrow…

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