Shingles have arrived

On Saturday afternoon a bit of a rash showed up on Eleanor running from the spine around to the breast bone about 3 inches high…by Sunday afternoon is was getting painful.  We paged the doctor and she called in like 30 seconds and said it was probably shingles and to go the ER.

So, after dinner, because Eleanor wanted to have dinner…we went to the ER and the doctor actually met us there and they verified shingles.  The treatment is 2 medicines she is already on and they changed the pain pill to another.  Shingles is painful..and they can only do so much for it.  It will go away similar to chicken pox because that is what it is, except that it is on the nerves.
This morning she was doing ok…all weekend the headache was down to a 1 or less but this morning it was a 3…I am wondering if she is allergic to the pain medicine they gave her last night because her lip was a bit swollen as well this morning..we are watching it closely and will be contacting the doctor with any changes.
We also will be going in later today for a blood test they ordered and we need to schedule another MRI so they can see if the vasculitis is calming..
Hopefully we can turn the corner to recovering rather than fighting in the next couple of days..
Also, we are definitely selling the house.  We are working on various options because fo the way the market is, etc. 
Keep Eleanor in your prayers….she appreciates all the prayer and thoughts….

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