Pain Returns a bit but we are walking

They have converted Eleanor to a oral pain medication to attempt to get her off of the IV pain meds, however, during the night the pain did get up to an 8, but has since subsided and is hovering at a 5…

Doctor was in this morning and is going to talk to the Neurosurgeon about the neck surgery, etc…
Good news is she has walked around the whole floor once yesterday and then once this morning with me.  We tried last night but she became weak, dizzy, and lost a bit of eye sight.  The sight has returned.
As of this writing the IV is disconnected and she is hovering at the 5.  We will see what the day brings.
I also will be turning in the documentation for disability today.  Times are going to get very tough over the next couple of months.  We will be needing to probably sell the house and other possessions to get our monthly expenses down.  If you know of anyone who can be of help for advice, etc. please have them contact me.  With the economy the way it is, I am not sure on how this will move forward but we do know it will work out…

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