What’s Up?

So it is Monday afternoon and we are still here in Delnor…anyway…the ongoing headache is still there at about a pain level of 3…last night she did have a 10 however and the same symptoms with high blood pressure, etc…and then it went away with the pain medication.

The doctor was in this morning and they are watching to see for improvement over the next couple of days, but if none they will be looking at doing the neck surgery…
The doctor also ordered up some physical therapy today to begin to give her a bit more energy.  They were just in and took her for a quick walk until her knees gave way..so now she has a walker to use to help build strength…
We also are beginning the process of putting Eleanor on disability from work.  After a lot of input from the doctors, etc..it seems like a good idea and the doctors are 100% on board for at least a 30 day period…
The good thing is she has the blinds open and watching tv…
She says hi to everyone..

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