Saturday Nigh Update

Well we had a bit of a surprise tonight..Eleanor was moved out of ICU to a regular room in the new wing of the hospital…

Thank you to all who visited today…
So, where are we?  I wish I could give a great answer.  Not sure….she still has pain but it is under control.  She is hovering at a pain level of 3 which is much better than the 7 she has been at the last couple of weeks. But, she is still on a lot of pain medication via IV.  I am thinking they will be trying to change her from such a high pain medicine (Delaudid) which is 10 times more powerful than morphine to something which can still continue to control the pain.
I guess at this point I am second guessing myself by moving forward with the vasculitis treatment before doing surgery.  However, with having a bit of vasculitis it can cause a stroke or other things if we were to have done the surgery on the neck.  I still do believe the surgery will be necessary in a couple of weeks.
The other thing could be the steroid treatment which was being given tonight when I left is the last one and it may work and the headaches may be gone…
I think if we just continue to pray for healing and guidance all will come as it should.
So, if you are coming up to see her, make sure to check in at the front desk to get directions to the room.
Visitors are welcome and appreciated!!

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