Saturday Update

Friday was a bit rough…they did an angiogram to look and see if there was vasculitis in the brain area.  The did find a little bit so they are moving forward with treatment as if it is.  Treatment is heavy steriods for 3 days and then a chemo therapy drug once a month for 6 months.  She received the first chemo treatment last night and has received the 2nd of 3 steroid treatments last night as well.

She is now in ICU here at Delnor so they can closely monitor her.  The headache is still present, but under control with pain medication.  We are prayful that this treatment will be the solution to bringing the pain under control.  She was able to sit up and eat dinner last night as well as today.  With everything under control she is doing well..
I continue to urge everyone to pray for Eleanor that she can fight through this and the doctors can control the situation….
At this point we believe she will be in ICU through at least Monday…then maybe to another room..
This still may not be the solution.  They are still talking they may need to remove the hardware from the fusion, but they need to follow through with this first.  Surgery would need to be 2-3 weeks from now…
She is allowed 2 visitors at a time…no kids under 12 and no flowers…
Thank you to everyone for their thoughts, emails, and prayer..

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