Cell Phone and Coffee Don’t Mix

Well I finally did it…spilled coffee all over my Motorolo Q smartphone…what a disaster…

There are times you wish that you weren’t so accessible, by phone or email, or even text messaging. After I dumped my coffee on the cell phone I knew I was in for problems. I autosync email every time it is received. And since it is a smartphone all my contacts are synchronized with Outlook.

Luckily I did have a spare Razr available to me so I called up and switched my service over to it, but now I don’t have immediate access to email. As a smartphone user I became used to having the capability and since yesterday I have been dealing with having a regular cell phone and not having any of the phone numbers since they are synchronized with outlook.

Tomorrow I will begin to work on figuring out what to get next. There is a new smartphone by Samsung and another from LG..not sure which one I will go with, but I definitely need to get something soon.


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